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Anonymous said: Hi, can I browse anonymously? Thanks

You mean can you submit anonymously? I don’t think tumblr allows that! If you want you can submit and I’ll repost your image under anonymous, just let me know it’s you :)

Anonymous said: is it shibaconfessions2 because ur twice as good? that's what it seems like. love, a tru fan. xxx

A… anon-chan 


Anonymous said: My favorite part? Everything in comic sans. Yess

Many thank my friend <3

luv beech lief

luv beech lief

Wow does this count as fan art??

Wow does this count as fan art??

thecollegequest-deactivated2013 said: We, the shibes, in order to form a more perfect internet, establish grammar, ensure laughs, provide for the tumblr community, promote the shibe confessions, and secure the procrastination of teens to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Shibe Confessions for the World Wide Web.

Very thank x

Anonymous said: I think I might love you.

Kis me bby

Anonymous said: my favorite anime is sensitiv pronograff. How bout u?? xx wb

True life event: I watched this when I was 16 and cried the whole way through it because it was so traumatising. 

Fav animes are K-ON:

Madoka Magica: 

And Yuru Yuri: